Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

You Might Wanna Know

how have you been? im in the midst of trying to figure out how i could give this whole blog a new look. but in the meantime here are some people who's voices you've 'heard', but maybe not seen how they look like. but then again maybe u have, i was just testing my new camera out :)

that's Roshan from mix fm

and here's the guy that brings the traffic to your speakers, Ryan DeAlwis

and the crazy sexy chick on the hitz drive thru, Natalie

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Revive Rev up moment

u know i overheard JJ and Ean talking about the Revive Rev Up thing that's currently going on and i think you stand a chance to pick up up to RM5,000 just by sharing your 'Rev-ed Up' moment. now what is a 'Rev-ed Up' moment? its you doing your everyday chores but in a super gung ho way

click here to join the contest by submitting photos or videos showing your super physical 'keng until can die' moment and hopefully you'll pick up some money to buy me dinner, if you win lah...

your photo or video must consist of Ordinary daily activities performed in a extraordinary way. Don't go do your 'peace' sign and expect to win lah of course, get your brother or sister to punch you instead, maybe that'll work. behold! my 'Rev-ed Up moment'

make sure you add the application that's on the facebook fan page alright? that's the only way for you to submit your pictures and videos, i'm gonna make a video soon! gonna go film my 'Rev-ed Up' moment this coming weekend, not gonna spoil it for u, make sure sure you check back here aight!

oh make sure you get your friends to vote for you, the more votes you get the higher chances of u winning!

Friday, December 18, 2009

what have i been doing?

my last post was in October and right now we're in the midst of December. i've never been busier and i've never been more glad to actually make use of my spare time during the day. hah!

one of the highlights would be that i played at the World Cup Asia Paintball Tournament, and for a 2 month old team we managed to beat 4 teams in our group

in december i celebrated my birthday, was really sweet to get a surprise, and of course, really sweet to get my face smashed on my b'day cake for the second year running
and also just recently i hosted CHS's prom night which i think is the best prom i've hosted so far throughout my career

to everyone at CHS, thank you so much for having me there and also for the love and support, you guys were awesome! Please do send me pictures at Jin@hitz.fm should you have any

i think i will visit this website (i think i should since its mine) more often from now, there are jsut a lot of things that i would like to share with you, the reader of course. Merry Xmas and a happy new year should i not blog for the next 2 weeks :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When is it too much?

you know sometimes i find it pretty weird writing down your personal stuff here on the world wide web for the world to see, but then again, i think its something a lot of individuals out there share in common as well.

its been a pissy day or should i say past few days as matters pile up on top of one another and you're bloody hell trying to fix things but your pillars of support aint there to help you out. when is it too much before you cut someone off because they lied?

Monday, October 05, 2009

BLG and Tyson's msg to Malaysia

yeah so the boys invaded the studios last Thursday. once again they're an awesome bunch, Martin's pretty crazy in his own unique way, John's the blur one, Bryan's the well composed one and Paul looks like your guy next door. oh btw Martin calls durian 'toilet bowl ice cream'.

there was one point of time i was wondering why Paul was staring at our whiteboard in the studio
turns out he's quite an artist!

looks like some rejected Cobra Starship album cover or something

i was really looking forward to taking some pictures are the supposedly upcoming All American Rejects Concert this coming weekend but sadly Tyson's been admitted to the hospital because of an infection, check out Tyson's msg for us

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls came into the studio today, second time meeting up with them, the first was when they were down here during the MTV World Stage and we were chillin at Borneo Ink while they were getting their tattoos done

Awesome bunch and really appreciate it that they took time off to chill out on the Hitz Party, here are some pictures to share, can't wait to catch them live tmrw! apparently they're going on at 12.15am, so after my show i'm rushing down to KL!

from left to right, John, Bryan, @Jinnyboy, Martin and Paul